Happy Birthday Fox! - Scott's Bar & Restaurant, Troon

Scott's Bar and Restaurant, one of the few chain restaurants owned by the Buzzworks company, has got to be one of the most impressive restaurants I have eaten at yet.

I first visited Scott's with my partner, Ryan. I do enjoy a good drive, so the 45 minute journey from my home town was no problem at all. The Yacht Haven is one of those lovely places that has a million dollar view, especially on a Summer's day.

The stunning view on a Summer's Day

I visited Scott's on the evening of the 14th April, as a celebration for my birthday (and no, I won't be specifying my age!). We arrived just before quarter past seven for our booking at half past. The place was packed to the rafters, yet the staff were so welcoming and calm.

We had a drink at the bar, and were shown to a table for four that was adjacent to the front door, just outside the main restaurant. Having always been seated inside the restaurant, I was slightly disappointed, as the bar plays music and is a lot louder.

I approached a lovely young waiter, and asked if we could perhaps move into the restaurant as we felt the bar area was quite loud. He explained that they were fully booked, but would check to see if they could move us. Five minutes later, we were shown to the conservatory seating area, with a beautiful corner table overlooking the marina - kudos, young man!

Now, the four that visited the restaurant - my sister Sharon, her partner Mark, and of course my partner Ryan - quite enjoy a challenge, especially food related. To start, we ordered the tapas platter, and the camembert platter.

The tapas platter consists of a revolving Lazy Susan, offering delicious portions of:

Sharon, Mark & the platters!
Haggis and mashed potato, served in a creamy whiskey sauce;
Scottish Smoked Salmon - fresh, smoky and fantastically tender;
Unshelled king prawns - Firm and fishy with a delectable crunch;
Mussels in a white wine sauce - served fresh from the sea, these are truly unmissable;
Smooth chicken liver pate - spreadable, meaty and strong.  The perfect pate.
Accompaniments include garlic bread, caramelised onions and a portion of mayonaise. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

The camembert platter is a full tub of the creamy, gooey cheese, and a selection of toasted brown and tomato bread, with a portion of tomato salsa if you are feeling particularly saucy. For £12.95 a platter, it is value and a taste sensation that you do not want to miss!

As a self pronounced carnivore, I had to go with a medium rare sirloin steak, with peppercorn sauce. The meat was cooked perfectly, with a unique flame-grilled taste. Serve with a portion of fries, an onion ring (as a fan of onion rings, perhaps three would have been better) tomatio and mushroom, and you really do have a fantastic dish that is enjoyable from start to finish. I also chose to have a glass of the Willowood White Zinfandel Rose wine - sweet, juicy and complimented my meal perfectly!

My partner decided to go with the haggis, neeps and tatties.  The whisky sauce was creamy, with a slight kick that accentuates the unusal meaty flavour of the haggis.  He admitted that the portion on the tapas platter was better, as the haggis had dried out slightly around the edges.  Nevertheless, he still ate the whole thing, and enjoyed every bite.

Open lasange of chorizo and chicken
Sharon opted for a sirloin steak, medium done with the pepper sauce. Again, she could not fault the meat or the unique taste.

Mark decided to stay with his favourite - the open lasagne of chorizo and chicken. A very rich pasta dish layered with a creamy, rich cheese sauce and chorizo that's bursting with flavour.  I think his sparkling clean plate at the end of our main courses speaks for itself...

Chocolate Fondant

Coming into the home stretch, we decided to have dessert. As a female and a lover of all things rich (only exception being my partner) my heart went with the chocolate fondant. Rich and moist, bursting with warm chocolate sauce and finished with vanilla ice cream, the only word that comes to mind is heavenly.

Ryan chose to have the daily special cheesecake, which is white chocolate and baileys. I am unsure when the daily special has ever changed from this, and I think it would be nice to see what else the chef's can create.  As promised though, it has a hint of Bailey's through a smooth mascarpone and white chocolate concoction.  Tasty, light and a cheesecake lover's dream.

White chocolate and Baileys cheesecake

Mark's chocolate fudge cake with vanilla ice cream went down a treat.  The cake was warmed, so the filling was slowly oozing over the plate.  The sponge was moist and warm, and the cool of the vanilla ice cream was a perfect opposition to perfect this dish.

Sharon got stuck in to a baked alaska, which she said was the best dessert she has ever had from Scott's. The sponge was soft, and the meringue was soft yet crunchy at the same time.  Decorated with mango and raspberry flavoured coulis, this is a dessert created for those with a sweet tooth.

Baked Alaska

Once you add in the copious pints of coca cola, water, pots of tea and the occasional glass of wine, a bill for £140 is a fantastic deal, and excellent value for money.

I am excited to try the other restaurants that Buzzworks have to offer. Afterall, if they are half the restaurant Scott's is, then it's good enough for me!

Contact Details:

Troon Yacht Haven
Harbour Road,
KA10 6DJ

Tel: 01292 315 315


Wheelchair Access? Yes

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