A Great Steak Journey - Part Two

I have been looking forward to writing this review, mainly because my first visit to the restaurant was going to be my last. Well, it was until last week!

Kyloe is a restaurant owned by the Rutland Hotel in Edinburgh. Coined as a 'gourmet steak restaurant', they promise a delicious menu and uniquely styled restaurant - cow hyde booths to be exact! The restaurant itself is upstairs from a bar, which on weekends is rather loud - but what else do you expect with a city centre location!

My partner and I were met at the bottom of the stairs by a friendly and polite member of staff, who very kindly escorted us to our table as soon as we came in the door. She was very patient as I climbed the stairs - wet weather and high heels do not mix!

We were seated in a large comfortable booth, and served a large glass of sweet rose wine and a perfect pint within minutes of our arrival and settling at the table. The waitress was fantastic - offering to tell us about the different cuts of meat they offer, but also allowing us time to have a look through the menu.

Ryan and I, as you will know by now are avid steak fans. So it was absolutely no contest that we order the 600g Sirloin on the bone - each. Regardless of the preparation time of 15 minutes (which we were informed about at the time of ordering), this is something that I absolutely, 100% reccomend.

600G Steak garnished with rocket and baked plum tomatoes

Whilst waiting on our main meal, we were served a complimentary loaf of freshly made hot bread. Served with this was a pot of spreadable butter, topped with crushed sea salt and also a serving of their unique dip, which has a very corriander and lime taste to it. Due to my original experience at Kyloe, I chose to avoid the starters entirely so the bread was nice for nibbling.

Our steaks arrived, cooked to absolute perfection. I asked for my steak to be medium rare, with pepper sauce. The pepper sauce is very light and creamy, and smoothed across the steak to coat the meat. As the steak was so big, it would have been better if they offered a slightly larger portion of sauce to ensure that you were able to incorporate all the flavours they had to offer.

The steaks were garnished with rocket leaves and baked plum tomatoes, which were sweet and juicy and melted in your mouth.

We decided to order three sides to share, as these are paid for seperately on your bill. The first was onion rings, served in a light, crunchy batter which left a sweet aftertaste; secondly we had potato wedges, served with a sweet chilli and sour cream dip. The potato wedges were fluffy on the inside and just slightly crunchy on the outside. The sweet chilli sauce was thick and mouthwatering, and the sting was just over-ruled once you had a taste of the incredible sour cream. The third side were the shoe string fries, which were crunchy and fresh, and didn't leave an oily feeling in your mouth which a lot of restaurant fries tend to do!

After we devoured our mains, we decided to have a look for desserts. Everything sounded absolutely delicious, and both myself and Ryan struggled to choose what we wanted. In the end, my heart was with the Valrhona milk Chocolate tart, served with salted caramel parfait and vanilla mascarpone. Ryan wisely chose the white chocolate cookie dough crepe, served with a passion fruit milkshake.

Valrhona milk chocolate tart

The chocolate tarte was sensational - sweet, rich and exquisitely delicate. The chocolate and pastry were both breaking off by the forkful effortlessly, and the salted caramel parfait was surprisingly refreshing and was not heavy, which I had expected. The vanilla mascarpone was creamy and sweet, creating a fantastic explosion of flavour with every bite.

The cookie dough crepe was served warm, and oozed with thick cookie dough. There were no words given for this, but his face said it all - absolute delight! The passionfruit milkshake was served in the cutest vial, complete with a straw. Having snuck a drink of it, I can confirm that it was one of the tastiest and most refreshing drinks, and paired with the usual stodginess of the crepe, it was the perfect companion. The restaurant should offer milk shakes like this - I know when I return I would definitely want a full sized cup.

White chocolate cookie dough crepe & passionfruit milkshake
The service, the food and the location of Kyloe are all fantastic. I mentioned at the start of this review that my first visit was below standard, but I can honestly say that the care, friendliness and expertise from the staff has totally changed my mind.

The prices are what you would expect for an upmarket restaurant, and I would quite happily pay it again. The 600 gram steak was £35, which considering the size of the cut and also the effort behind preparing it truly makes it worth every penny. On their website it does also show that they offer set menus for a lower price, which makes it affordable for everyone.

I will definitely be coming back to Kyloe to experience more of their gourmet steaks, and I urge you to get yourself booked in to this restaurant!

Contact Details:

Kyloe Restaurant & Grill
1-3 Rutland Street

 Tel: 0131 229 3402


Wheelchair access? No

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