Backstreet Brooklyn At Best - Brooklyn Cafe, Glasgow

I'm forever trying to find somewhere new to write about.  Recently, on a daily deals email, I read about a place called Brooklyn Cafe which made my mouth water and my stomach rumble.  American style food practically on my doorstep? Sold.

The deal described intimately about the pulled pork, which is smoked for 24 hours - the pictures on their Facebook page were very alluring. On that note, what I don't like is the fact that they don't have a website - in this day and age, surely every establishment would invest in a website to display their menus?

As per, myself and Stevie were the diners.  We booked for half 7, but due to my superior driving skills we arrived at half past 6.  We were welcomed in, despite being early, and shown to a booth.

The interior

The inside of the cafe reminded me of being on a tugboat.  The supports where on show, and the room felt quite small and had a low ceiling.  It was very cosy, however they have definitely utilised the space they have.

The cafe has two menus that you can look at - a grill menu and a normal cafe grub menu.  They offer lots of the favourites and classic cafe numbers.  We decided to go for the sharing platter to start; I then went for the 150g pulled pork burger, and Stevie went for the chilli burger.  What I love is that they offer macaroni cheese as a side, so we got that to share between us too.

"Imagine we ordered the sharing platter, and it came out and it was just one straggly bit of chicken, one onion ring and that!" Famous. Last. Words.

Sharing Platter

Yes folks, that's right.  The sharing platter for two literally had one item of food for each person.  One onion ring (you can imagine the immensity of my rage), one prawn each, one chicken goujon, one square of deep fried cheese and one slice of garlic bread.  They were good enough to provide one handful of wedges though... (NB: please read with intense sarcasm).  The food offered was okay but nothing special.  I was so miffed at the pathetic portions: for a tenner, I really felt ripped off and I wasn't best pleased.

Feeling even hungrier than when we had arrived, I prayed that the main meals would be better.  Unfortunately, Stevie was on to plums.

Chilli Burger

Although it was a decent portion, the chilli was actually bolognaise sauce with kidney beans chucked in.  I know that I can say this, as the so called 'chilli' had chunks of carrot and mushroom in it, and not one hint of spice.  Had they actually made proper chilli, this burger would have got full marks.  The burger was thick and juicy, the bun was soft and the chips were fluffy.  The fact that they have tried to pull off bolognaise as chilli is rather insulting, and really put a downer on Stevie's experience.

Pulled pork burger

My faith had been somewhat restored after eating this.  The pulled pork was absolutely heavenly - smoky, tender and so unbelievably flavoursome.  Served in a soft, warmed bun, this really was amazing and I was having a rare old time eating it.  Unfortunately, there are some gripes: I was given a leaf of lettuce in the burger, as you can see.  I would have preferred shredded lettuce, or at least if the leaf fitted in the burger nicely! Secondly, the coleslaw was dried out and flavourless.  I actually requested some mayonnaise so that I could mix it up and bring it back to life.

Macaroni Cheese Side

Oh man, this was good.  Macaroni cheese as it should be - gooey, rich, and absolutely heaped with cheese! They also had little chunks of smoked bacon through it, which was absolutely amazing.  Very much enjoyed by both parties, despite the previous disappointments!

You know that I am quite particular about the service provided.  The man who served us, although he wasn't rude, was just generally inattentive.  I finished my first glass of juice, and the glass stayed on the table long after the starter was finished, and the other dishes cleared away.  He also didn't ask if we enjoyed the food, and when another group dining asked for sauce, he just took the condiments off of our table.

I know that as a cafe, not as much effort is required with regards to presentation, service and setting.  However, my belief is that if you want to have a strong business, then you should always exceed what the customer expects.  I went in expecting a quaint cafe with a cultural edge, providing us Glaswegians with a taste of the USA but at a lower cost.

From reading this, you will probably have gathered that I didn't particularly enjoy my experience of Brooklyn Cafe.  The bill came to over £30, which I grudged paying.  I can't say I'll be visiting Brooklyn Cafe any time soon, which is a shame considering how high my hopes were for writing it up!  Not one witty thing comes to mind to even finish on, as writing this has just made me revisit the disappointment that was my meal.

Instead, let's finish with this actually hilarious picture of a husky dog.  I always want you to smile after reading  my reviews! :)

Contact Details:

Brooklyn Cafe
21-23 Minard Street
G41 2HR

Tel: 0141 632 3427


Wheelchair Access: Yes

A Belated Mother's Day Treat - Browns Restaurant, Glasgow

I absolutely adore my mother, but I hate Mother's Day.  Not because I don't want to celebrate the fact that the fabulous woman brought me on to this Earth, but because prices go up, and quality goes down.  So many restaurants have a decidedly small and pathetic set menu that apparently is great value for money.  Nay!  I want A La Carte, I want relaxed service, and mostly I want fantastic, high quality food.  We decided, as offspring (the offspring being myself, my sister Sharon, and her boyfriend Mark) to take our mothers out the week proceeding Mother's Day to really treat them.  Treat them we did, at Browns bar and brasserie.

Browns is one of the lucky restaurants to be settled in George Square.  Right on the corner, adjacent to the Glasgow City Chambers, it is housed in a beautiful sandstone building and is elegantly lit up at night.  When you enter, there is a classic look to the interior.  A beautiful black jazz piano sits nestled at the front of the bar, and the décor appears to be a mix of contemporary and vintage - almost a 1920's feel to it.

The interior at Browns

We were seated in a comfortable booth that accommodated 5 perfectly.  Our waiter, Gary, was extremely pleasant, enthusiastic and oh so polite.  If I were to return to Browns (which I will) I would love Gary to be my waiter again.  We perused the menu, which is so full of delicious options that it truly is a struggle (you can view the A La Carte menu by clicking here).  It was so much of a struggle, that I almost forgot to look at the cocktail menu!  What they do have, that I want you to know about, is 'Sunday At Browns' which has a selection of starters at a lower price, and also your choice of a roast.  It all sounded delicious too, and I can assure you that you'll have a tough time choosing something!  If the Sunday menu is something you like the sound of, why not have a look and see!

It's thirsty work trying to sort out your starter and main, so we decided to get the drinks in.  The special cocktail was a passion fruit daiquiri - rum, passion fruit, syrup and lime juice.  Three of the ladies ordered this, whilst I went for a berry and pomegranate Martini.  The special cocktail was bitter and sour, and not particularly to my taste.   The berry and pomegranate Martini was very fruity and strong, which I loved.

After much deliberation, we had chosen our respective starters and mains.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to grab a bite of everyone's meal to test it for you.  I've given you a lovely big description and an even bigger picture for you to drool over for each choice though, because I'm just so kind.

Liz (my mother) decided to have the roasted goat’s cheese with a walnut crust, pico de gallo salsa, golden beetroot and a sweet pomegranate molasses vinaigrette to start.  For her main, she chose the supreme of baked salmon served on a bed of chick peas, red peppers, tomato, onion and garlic, topped with a yoghurt & caper dressing.

Goats cheese starter
Supreme of salmon main course

Janette (Mark's mother) decided on a starter from the Sunday menu: salmon, smoked haddock & lobster croquettes topped with a yoghurt & caper dressing.  I wasn't entirely impressed with the presentation of her starter, considering how beautiful everything else that came out was.  They still tasted fantastic, though!  To follow, she went with the lamb shoulder served with a Yorkshire pudding, honey roast carrots & parsnips, green beans, peas, braised red cabbage with apple and gratinated cauliflower with a cheese & mustard sauce.  Please note that on the roast menu, it does state that it is a rack of lamb, however they didn't have any of this available.

Salmon, haddock and lobster croquettes
Lamb shoulder roast

Mark had a box of baked Camembert topped with an apple & raisin chutney, served with warm bread slices for his first course.  The rosemary seasoning on the warm bread made this taste absolutely amazing, and slightly smoky.  Absolutely delicious starter, which I would definitely consider getting the next time!  For his main, he had 21 day aged sirloin steak, cooked medium-well done, served with anchovy butter, watercress, a roasted plum tomato, baked flat mushrooms and chunky chips.  He also chose to have a peppercorn sauce with this.

Camembert Starter
Sirloin steak with a peppercorn sauce

Sharon chose to have the croquettes, the same as Janette.  I'd like to note that this is because they didn't have any of her first choice, which was the Carpaccio of seared tuna (which was devastating as we planned to share our starters!).  Again the presentation wasn't great, but the taste and quality was definitely there.  For her main, Sharon also had the steak, medium cooked and with the béarnaise sauce and a side of honey roast parsnip and carrot.  The béarnaise sauce was absolutely amazing, although a bit cooler than I would have personally wanted.  It was very creamy, slightly buttery and wonderful with a flavoursome steak.  Sharon found the sirloin a bit too fatty, however I blame her for not ordering a fillet! 

Salmon, haddock and lobster croquettes
Sirloin steak with a béarnaise sauce

I opted to begin with the crab and avocado stack, then follow it up with the fillet of venison rossini with a brioche crouton, chicken liver pâté and a madeira jus served with honey roast parsnips & carrots.  The crab and avocado starter was really refreshing and wonderfully tasty.  The crab was whipped with mustard crème fraîche, and a mildly spiced coriander.  This was then sat on top of a combination of chilli salsa with an avocado & potato salad, which was so light and easy to eat.  My main course has to be my favourite meal of this year, and that includes the steaks I've had.  The vension was beautifully marbled pink, and tender to cut. The meat was also still juicy and just perfect.  On a bed of smooth chicken liver pate, and a soft brioche slice, this was absolute heaven to eat.  The honey roast parsnips and carrots were al dente, so added a light crunch to the combination.  Well done to the chef at Browns for this masterpiece - both inventive and confident!

Crab & avocado stack

Fillet of venison rossini

Whilst grazing through our wonderful meals, I stumbled upon what has to be my favourite cocktail that I have ever had.  I have a fondness for champagne, and had previously been alerted that they offer champagne cocktails.  It's called a Rivoting Raspberri (the spelling is deliberate) and it is absolutely AMAZING. Absolut Raspberri Vodka, Chambord, raspberries and lime topped with Champagne - it was blissful to drink, and I may have had one too many!

Rivoting Raspberri - my new best friend

Once our plates were cleared away, the lovely Gary provided us with the sweet menu.  Again, so much to choose from!  They also have cleverly came up with a 'blondie' - the white chocolate version of a 'brownie' (get it?).  The dessert menu can be seen here, however don't read it if you're feeling peckish!  Once we had a look, we all had made our decision.

My mother chose the sticky toffee pudding, which came topped with a rich toffee sauce and some clotted cream.  Gary did advise my mother that there were mixed spiced fruits in the toffee pudding, such as dates and whatnot, which she thoroughly looked forward to.  As she ate it, she didn't find any of these fruits, but said it was still delicious.

Sticky toffee pudding

Janette decided to go for the white chocolate and raspberry 'blondie', which was topped with raspberry coulis and some strawberry ice cream.  Janette said that the blondie was lovely, and it didn't taste heavily of white chocolate, which can be rather sickly.  Again, Browns have came up with something quirky and simple, yet absolutely amazing!

White chocolate and strawberry blondie

As part of their brownie menu, they also offer a dark chocolate brownie, dripping with chocolate sauce.  As a fellow chocolate lover, this is what Mark decided to go for.  Instead of fruity ice cream however, the dark chocolate brownie is served with vanilla ice cream.

Dark chocolate brownie

Sharon went for one of her favourites, creme brulee.  I was lucky enough to try some, and it was absolutely divine.  A light and fluffy vanilla custard with the consistency of mousse, hidden beneath a window of caramelised sugar.  It was quite a large serving, but it truly was delicious and I would definitely recommend this as a dessert.

Creme Brulee

I'm not much of a dessert person, and as I was already feeling comfortably full, I decided to go a little juvenile.  My dessert was three scoops of chocolate ice cream, served with a home-made chocolate cookie. The ice cream was amazing, and had curls of milk chocolate laced through it.  The cookie was really soft and chewy, and amazing with the ice cream.  It was simple yet exactly what I needed to polish off a perfect meal.

Chocolate ice cream with a home-made cookie

With our desserts washed down with the last of our drinks, it was time to call it a night.  The plates were all cleared away, and Gary ensured that we were happy with everything.  For seven cocktails, two soft drinks, five starters, five main courses and five desserts, our bill came to just over £230.  This works out at about £46 a head, which is pretty good for a three course meal including alcoholic drinks.  The menu is decently priced, and although the portions don't look massive, they do fill you up!

If you want to treat a loved one, or even just go for some nice drinks somewhere, I would definitely recommend that you give Browns a try.  Plus, their cocktails are only £4.95 Sunday to Wednesday, if you fancy a little mid-week happy hour.  Cue the beginning of my new weekly routine!

Contact Details:

Browns Restaurant
1 George Square
G2 1DY

Tel: 0141 221 7828


Wheelchair access: Yes

A Fox's Favourite - The Smiddy, Lochgilphead

In my previous posts about travelling to the West coast (you can check these out here) I have always said how much better the food is compared to local places.  When I spied that some lovely family members of mine were planning to take a trip up that way today, I immediately booked a day off work to free myself up.  How could I have not blogged about The Smiddy after all this time?!

The Smiddy is a lovely little cafe, set in an old croft-like building.  The outside is whitewashed, but inside has that lovely rubble stonework that you see on rural buildings all over the Scottish countryside.  It can be found on Smithy Lane, which is easy to get to and has ample parking two minutes away.

Croft-like exterior

When you go inside, the lighting is low, yet doesn't make the cafe gloomy.  The boards with all the specials hang on the walls, and the freshly made home baking occupies a table just as you enter the seating area, tempting you before you've even sat down.  The stained glass windows are bright and colourful, adding to the capturing beauty of the place.  A grand fireplace sits at the back wall, and the whole place is small yet cosy.

One of the stained glass windows

Greeted by friendly and happy staff, you can choose where you want to sit.  The place gets really busy, so make sure you get there for about 12pm when lunch starts.  I would recommend that you sit towards the back, to avoid the newest customers bustling around you at the front.

The menu has a great variety of cafe inspired food, but also lots of healthy choices for those persevering with the inevitable New Year diet.  Baked potatoes with plenty of indulgent fillings, baguettes or paninis stuffed with exciting concoctions and salads bursting with fresh ingredients.  Lots of great choices for all types of appetites and tastes, and at great prices too.  Myself and Mark decided to begin with a bowl of their freshly made cream of vegetable soup, served with crusty bread.  I had been craving the home-made macaroni cheese with garlic bread and salad for my main, and Mark decided to get one of the Specials: avocado and Stilton bake with toasted breadcrumbs, garnished with a salad.

The fresh crusty bread was served in a wicker basket.  Soft brown bread, with a beautiful crust on each slice, the bread was thickly sliced and perfect for dipping in the creamy vegetable soup.  You also get some balsamic vinegar dressing and mayonnaise as some dips for your bread, which are absolutely amazing.  Just be careful that you don't over indulge on the bread and dips and spoil your main (which obviously I've never done...)

Soft crusty bread, with the balsamic vinegar and mayonnaise dips

Our piping hot soup was served shortly after the bread arrived.  The soup was creamy and thick, but not too thick that it felt stodgy.  The soup didn't need seasoned at all, and was absolutely delicious.  It was perfect for warming us up on a chilly March day.  The soup changes daily, but it is always absolute perfection, and home-made.

Cream of vegetable soup, garnished with chives

Our bowls were cleared away by a cheery waitress, and within about five minutes our second course was being brought to us.  As I mentioned before, The Smiddy fills up very quickly, however the service is always swift and with a smile!

Avocado and Stilton bake with toasted breadcrumbs, garnished with salad

The portion for this was pre-warned as a starter size by the waitress.  Mark said that the dish was absolutely delicious, and for the bite I tried I'm inclined to agree.  The smell of the Stilton is rather strong, however when you taste the combination it doesn't overpower the dish.  The smoothness of the baked avocado is really great with the toasted crunchy breadcrumbs too!  The side salad was a generous helping of fresh, crispy leaves, sliced onions, tomatoes and a dollop of home-made coleslaw.  Mark said that if he hadn't had the soup, he definitely would have asked for a bigger portion of this.  His plate was cleared, and he raved about the meal long after we had finished!

Macaroni cheese with garlic bread, garnished with a salad

The one thing I truly adore about The Smiddy is their colourful and tasty salads.  They don't just give you some lettuce leaves: I had grapes, peach slices, kiwi, orange, cress, tomatoes, shredded carrot and beetroot too!  There was also a healthy dollop of coleslaw there, which naturally I was ecstatic about.  The garlic bread was nice and hot, and absolutely seeped through with garlic.  The crust of the bread was nice and crunchy, however the fluffy part was nice and soft, and just a little soggy, which helped me mop up the cheese sauce remaining in my bowl - it was phenomenal.  The macaroni cheese is creamy, rich and everything indulgent that I had hoped for.  Covered with a layer of stringy melted cheese, it really is something I could eat every day when it's as cold as this!  It is served straight from the oven, so do be cautious when you start eating - we don't want burnt tongues, which again is something I have never done. Ahem.

Once our plates were clear and our trousers considerably tighter than half an hour prior, we went up to the till point to pay.  For two courses each and two drinks, the bill was £20.  Amazing value for money, especially for the portions and fantastic fresh, home-made dishes they offer.  You should definitely, if you have room, try some of the home baking.  The cakes are absolutely fabulous and again the slices are generous.  Why not team it up with a nice hot chocolate or cappuccino?

We did notice, when we left, that they have a delivery van.  Imagine the damage that could cause if they were generous enough to deliver down to me in Lanarkshire...

Deliver to meeeee!

Contact Details:

The Smiddy
Smithy Lane
PA31 8TA

Tel: 01546 603606

Website: No

Wheelchair access: No

A Home Away From Home - The Craigie Inn, Craigie, Ayrshire

As you know, my friend Stevie and I absolutely love going out for dinner.  He pretty much features in every post I do, so there should be no surprise that my companion for tonight was the very man himself.  To shake things up a bit, Stevie invited his friend Paul, and we trekked across the motorway to the Craigie Inn.

One of my friends in work loves her grub as much as I do - we constantly compare places we have been!  I had seen that she visited the Craigie Inn, and decided to do a little investigation.  My heart was stolen by their menu, and a booking was made shortly after.

Craigie is a teeny tiny place set in the midst of Ayrshire.  After winding through a few back roads, it is actually rather simple to find - and what a find it is.  On the outside, the Craigie Inn looks exactly how a traditional inn should: pristine white building, flower baskets all around and that famous Scottish (unknown) font that all good establishments have their signage in.  When we were walking through the car park, there was a wonderful Wintry smell of burning logs - bliss.

The Craigie Inn exterior, courtesy of their website

When you enter, it really does feel like you're going into someones home.  The room is softly lit but not dim, and the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed.  A large wooden mantelpiece is placed at the opposite wall, and each table is simplistically decorated with a vase of fake flowers.  We were sat next to a windowsill, which contained a very strange tea light holder.  His name is now Fire 'Stunt' Frog.  Don't ask...

Our tea light friend

We were seated and greeted by a very friendly and smiley waitress, who gave us our menus.  The great thing about the Craigie Inn is that they have a 'Dine Out for Less' menu, which includes Friday nights.  It's two courses for £18.50, and it runs right up until 9pm at night.  My steak obsession got the better of me, therefore we decided to go A La Carte.  As you can see, Paul was very happy with the menu (apologies Paul, this photograph was too funny to keep to myself!)

Happy Paul :)

The menu really is full of really well described dishes; each sounded mouthwatering.  We really struggled to decide... until the steaks were spotted.  After that, it was all humming and hawing about starters. The decisions were made, and were as follows: Paul ordered the chicken and duck liver pate with an orange and cranberry chutney, served with Arran oatcakes; Stevie went for the salad of Stornoway black pudding, potato scone, crisp parma ham and topped with a poached egg; I opted for the traditional prawn cocktail with crisp leaves, fresh lemon and Marie Rose sauce.

Free, tasty bread

Whilst we waited on our first course, we were given complimentary hot rolls and soft butter.  The rolls had a slight garlicky, peppered taste to them and it was beautiful.  I think it's really something to praise when you are given something as delicious, yet simple, as a nice hot roll and creamy butter to start off your meal on a chilly night.  Especially if it's free...

Chicken and duck liver pate with an orange and cranberry chutney, served with Arran oatcakes

This was really a wonderful dish, and Paul happily chomped his way through.  The pate had a strong meaty flavour, which was contrasted with the sweetness of the juicy orange and cranberry chutney.  The oatcakes were baked to a crispy perfection, and all served with a light side salad of fresh leaves, tomatoes and onions.    Definitely one for the pate lovers!

Salad of Stornoway black pudding, potato scone, crisp parma ham topped with a poached egg

This was something that I nearly ordered, as a massive fan of black pudding and poached eggs.  I was meant to try a bit, but my dear friend Stevie decided it was too good to share and snaffled the whole thing himself.  The poached egg oozed over the black pudding and potato scone, leaving a glorious golden trail coating the salad.  Not a smidgen of food was left on his plate, and he said that it was absolutely amazing.  Pretty much like a posh fry up!

 Traditional prawn cocktail with crisp leaves, fresh lemon and Marie Rose sauce

I do love a prawn cocktail these days, and this one was especially good.  The prawns were thick and cut into big chunks, served on beds of crispy, fresh lettuce leaves and topped with a sun-dried tomato.  The prawns were heavily coated in the thick, creamy Marie Rose sauce, which I drizzled the fresh lemon wedge over.  The lemon added a beautiful citrus tang to the mellow flavour of the mayonnaise based sauce, which ensured that I enjoyed every single bite.  Together it was divine to eat, and it came in three easy to manage portions.

From reading the menu online prior to my visit, there were many choices which I had narrowed my main course down to.  I wanted to try something a bit different so that I could write about it and encourage others to follow suit - unfortunately when I see fillet steak on the menu, it's almost a compulsion to order it!

Medium sirloin steak with peppercorn sauce

Paul decided to go for a medium sirloin steak with peppercorn sauce.  The steak comes with a roasted tomato, chips, onion rings (wahoo!) and a mushroom.  Paul decided to copy me and ask for mashed potatoes instead of chips  - excellent choice though!  He cleared his plate off with no complaints, and rubbed his aching belly with what could only be described as complete satisfaction.

Medium-rare fillet steak with peppercorn sauce

Stevie ordered a fillet steak, and kept all the trimmings as they were described on the menu.  The fillet steak was absolutely massive!  It was pretty much the size of The Incredible Hulk's fist.  The chips were really chunky and big too, but not greasy or spoiled.  They were lovely and crisp on the outside, but fluffy and light inside.

Medium-rare fillet steak with peppercorn sauce

I haven't had steak in quite a while, if you believe that.  The fillet I had was shockingly big, but needless to say it was annihilated.  The roasted tomato was sweet and bursting with juices and flavour - I find that the roasted tomato really is a fantastic companion with a steak.  The piped mashed potatoes were very light and buttery, and frankly I am so glad I ordered them as a side as opposed to chips.  Seriously, if you're a mash fan, get this stuff!  The onion rings...oh, the onion rings.  Crispy batter, but not greasy or too solid.  The onions were sweet, well cooked and quite frankly they are the best onion rings I have had for a long time.  Very well done Craigie Inn, I'm a tough one to please when it comes to onion rings!  The steak was a fantastic rose colour in the middle, and I drowned it in the creamy peppercorn sauce.  There was a slight sweetness to the sauce when you first tasted it, which slowly faded into the mellow of the cream, then the kick of the peppercorn.  It was a perfect steak, and I have not one single complaint.

Our stomachs were achingly full, and we felt truly satisfied.  Then, those words that all grubbers like myself and Stevie fear... "Would you like to see a dessert menu?".  Paul was really peer pressured into the situation, but when the food had been as good as it was, desserts were the perfect way to round it off.  We decided to get the Craigie Inn Grand Dessert, meant to serve two.  We took it for the three of us to share instead, and to be honest it was just enough to fill me to the point of no return.

The Craigie Inn Grand Dessert

At the top of the plate, there are three cubes of white chocolate and Baileys cheesecake, served with a raspberry and a blueberry, then garnished with chocolate sauce.  The next dessert down is a blob of lemon ice cream, which was really tasty but not tangy or brutal on your taste buds   Beside that (the pink one) is a strawberry and raspberry torte, topped with strawberry compote.  Personally, not a fan of the texture of this so I didn't try more than a bite.  Far left is the passion fruit Panna Cotta, garnished with white chocolate shavings and raspberries.  Be warned, this was extremely tangy and sweet.  It was delicious, but personally I found it too sickly.  Far right was a small slice of lemon and honey tart; finally at the bottom there is a chunk of sticky toffee pudding, resting next to peach ice cream.

We didn't manage to finish every last bite, but we made a good go of it.  It was also a great opportunity to taste all the sweets they had available, without committing to just one.  I would definitely recommend it if you're fussy, or can't decide between the amazing desserts they offer!

With our stomachs finally crying out for us to stop, we put the spoons down.  Our plates were cleared away, and the staff were happy to let us sit and digest the absolute feast we had conquered.

The bill was for: Three starters, three steak mains, one sharing dessert, three beers and a soft drink.  This came to just over £112 for the three of us, working out at approximately £38 a head.

I would definitely recommend that you visit the Craigie Inn.  The atmosphere is truly homely and welcoming, with a great team of staff to add to the experience.  The food is comforting and of a high standard, especially for the portions that you get too.  Get yourself booked in for a table, and thank me later!

Contact Details:

Craigie Inn
5 Main Street

Tel: 01563 860286


Wheelchair access: No