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I'm forever trying to find somewhere new to write about.  Recently, on a daily deals email, I read about a place called Brooklyn Cafe which made my mouth water and my stomach rumble.  American style food practically on my doorstep? Sold.

The deal described intimately about the pulled pork, which is smoked for 24 hours - the pictures on their Facebook page were very alluring. On that note, what I don't like is the fact that they don't have a website - in this day and age, surely every establishment would invest in a website to display their menus?

As per, myself and Stevie were the diners.  We booked for half 7, but due to my superior driving skills we arrived at half past 6.  We were welcomed in, despite being early, and shown to a booth.

The interior

The inside of the cafe reminded me of being on a tugboat.  The supports where on show, and the room felt quite small and had a low ceiling.  It was very cosy, however they have definitely utilised the space they have.

The cafe has two menus that you can look at - a grill menu and a normal cafe grub menu.  They offer lots of the favourites and classic cafe numbers.  We decided to go for the sharing platter to start; I then went for the 150g pulled pork burger, and Stevie went for the chilli burger.  What I love is that they offer macaroni cheese as a side, so we got that to share between us too.

"Imagine we ordered the sharing platter, and it came out and it was just one straggly bit of chicken, one onion ring and that!" Famous. Last. Words.

Sharing Platter

Yes folks, that's right.  The sharing platter for two literally had one item of food for each person.  One onion ring (you can imagine the immensity of my rage), one prawn each, one chicken goujon, one square of deep fried cheese and one slice of garlic bread.  They were good enough to provide one handful of wedges though... (NB: please read with intense sarcasm).  The food offered was okay but nothing special.  I was so miffed at the pathetic portions: for a tenner, I really felt ripped off and I wasn't best pleased.

Feeling even hungrier than when we had arrived, I prayed that the main meals would be better.  Unfortunately, Stevie was on to plums.

Chilli Burger

Although it was a decent portion, the chilli was actually bolognaise sauce with kidney beans chucked in.  I know that I can say this, as the so called 'chilli' had chunks of carrot and mushroom in it, and not one hint of spice.  Had they actually made proper chilli, this burger would have got full marks.  The burger was thick and juicy, the bun was soft and the chips were fluffy.  The fact that they have tried to pull off bolognaise as chilli is rather insulting, and really put a downer on Stevie's experience.

Pulled pork burger

My faith had been somewhat restored after eating this.  The pulled pork was absolutely heavenly - smoky, tender and so unbelievably flavoursome.  Served in a soft, warmed bun, this really was amazing and I was having a rare old time eating it.  Unfortunately, there are some gripes: I was given a leaf of lettuce in the burger, as you can see.  I would have preferred shredded lettuce, or at least if the leaf fitted in the burger nicely! Secondly, the coleslaw was dried out and flavourless.  I actually requested some mayonnaise so that I could mix it up and bring it back to life.

Macaroni Cheese Side

Oh man, this was good.  Macaroni cheese as it should be - gooey, rich, and absolutely heaped with cheese! They also had little chunks of smoked bacon through it, which was absolutely amazing.  Very much enjoyed by both parties, despite the previous disappointments!

You know that I am quite particular about the service provided.  The man who served us, although he wasn't rude, was just generally inattentive.  I finished my first glass of juice, and the glass stayed on the table long after the starter was finished, and the other dishes cleared away.  He also didn't ask if we enjoyed the food, and when another group dining asked for sauce, he just took the condiments off of our table.

I know that as a cafe, not as much effort is required with regards to presentation, service and setting.  However, my belief is that if you want to have a strong business, then you should always exceed what the customer expects.  I went in expecting a quaint cafe with a cultural edge, providing us Glaswegians with a taste of the USA but at a lower cost.

From reading this, you will probably have gathered that I didn't particularly enjoy my experience of Brooklyn Cafe.  The bill came to over £30, which I grudged paying.  I can't say I'll be visiting Brooklyn Cafe any time soon, which is a shame considering how high my hopes were for writing it up!  Not one witty thing comes to mind to even finish on, as writing this has just made me revisit the disappointment that was my meal.

Instead, let's finish with this actually hilarious picture of a husky dog.  I always want you to smile after reading  my reviews! :)

Contact Details:

Brooklyn Cafe
21-23 Minard Street
G41 2HR

Tel: 0141 632 3427


Wheelchair Access: Yes

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  1. You've got to go to Memphis will enjoy pulled pork as you've never tasted before.
    Just don't take that dog with you. Reckon he ate at that place too!


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