A Humbling Steak Experience - Grill On The Corner, Glasgow

I don't like being wrong.  It happens more often than not, and usually when I'm right I take great pride in letting everyone know.  So on the usual occasion that I am wrong, I eat humble pie and accept the facts.

When I visited Grill On The Corner last year, most were shocked when I had said that the service wasn't great.  As a steak fanatic, I was urged to return, and I have to admit - I was wrong, wrong, wrong, WRONG.  Myself and Stevie visited GOTC on Friday evening to cure my steak craving.

Inside - Grill On The Corner

We were greeted at the door by a smiley, polite and friendly hostess.  Our table wasn't quite ready, so she beckoned us to the bar to have a drink (fellow critic Tam Cowan was there, but I was too shy to pop over and say hello!).  Just as my cocktail (French Martini) and Stevie's Jack & Coke were prepared, the hostess collected us from the bar, and kindly arranged for our drinks to be brought through to us.  We were seated next to the window - ideal for people watching!

Everything on the menu sounded absolutely glorious.  I was torn between salt and pepper chicken skewers, duck spring rolls and the cheese soufflé.  Everything Stevie said he wanted, I all of a sudden wanted.  Luckily, we both settled on our meals of choice.

Stevie decided to get the salt and pepper chicken skewers, served with a sweet chilli and ginger dip...

You must, MUST, order these.  The plump chunks of chicken were unbelievably tender and juicy, seasoned perfectly and garnished with some fresh spring onion and burning red jalapeños.  The sweet chilli and ginger dip had some kick to it, so use sparingly (unless you are a danger fiend).  Served with a wedge of fresh lime, this was an unforgettable start to the meal.  When I return, this will be my starter of choice!

I decided to go Oriental, and ordered the duck spring rolls, with a hoi sin dip...

Crispy, flaky filo pastry enveloping tender strips of duck, tucked in with shredded carrot and onion.  Served on a bed of fresh rocket, this was truly fantastic and bursting with flavour.  The hoi sin dip was thick and added a sweetness to the starter.  I attempted to eat this with a knife and fork - but get real guys, you're going to make much less mess by using your digits!

I was in the mood to douse myself with wine, and ordered the recommended bottle of house wine.  It was called Petit Papillon, a Grenache rose.  Very sweet and a little bit sharp, it was perfect with our steak (even Stevie agreed, who thinks Buckfast is acceptable).

Now, on to the main event!  Stevie went for a medium cooked fillet steak, with a side of chips, peppercorn sauce, and corn on the cob with chilli butter...

I adore the fact that the chips are served in a tiny little basket!  The chips were lovely too - very thick and chunky, and piping hot.  The corn on the cob was served chargrilled, with chilli butter slowly melting and running between the corn kernels.  The smell was outstanding, however I know personally that I should only eat corn on the cob in the safety of my own home.

My fillet steak was cooked medium-rare, with champ potatoes and a side of asparagus (which came with its own portion of béarnaise sauce).

I hadn't actually tried asparagus before, but I loved it.  Seasoned with rock salt, it was served al dente, and it was the perfect temperature to just tuck in.  The béarnaise sauce was thick and mellow, which was a fantastic accompaniment.  My steak was tender, and cut easier than butter with a hot knife.  The peppercorn sauce was creamy, but still had a gentle kick in the after-taste   The champ potatoes are the best thing ever: baby potatoes, crushed with spring onions and butter.  I knew before I had even stepped foot in the restaurant that I would be ordering them - honestly, it's potatoes like you've never experienced them before. The chef deserves a knighthood.

Feeling satisfied, but still perhaps a gap for dessert, we had a gander at the menu.  So many beautiful things to choose from, however the girly part of me knew exactly what to order:  the warmed chocolate fudge cake, served with ice cream.  Stevie also ordered this, however I'm sure it was a manly decision.

The only word that comes to mind is phenomenal.  The warm chocolate sauce oozed out from two moist layers of rich chocolate sponge.  The chocolate flavour was intense, but in no way sickly.  The creamy, cool vanilla ice cream melted gently against the warmth of the cake, creating a pool of gooey, chocolate-vanilla cake-y goodness.  It was sublime, and needless to say each plate was polished by the end.

My bottle of wine was still a wealthy challenge, so Stevie decided to order a White Russian whilst I drank myself merry.  It was comforting, milky and absolutely delicious.  Kudos to the bar staff - you make one hell of a cocktail.

With our bellies officially full, and my bottle of wine pretty much empty, we called it a night at GOTC.  I can fully retract my previous gripes about the service - all of the staff were really lovely, and highly commendable.  The whole experience for me was outstanding, and I can now say that GOTC is one of my favourite restaurants.

Do you know what, if getting proved wrong is as good as this, then I don't want to be right.  So there.

Contact Details:

Grill On The Corner
21-25 Bothwell Street
G2 6NL

Tel: 0141 248 6262

Website: http://blackhouse.uk.com/restaurant/glasgow/

Wheelchair access: Yes

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