Breakfast With a Wink and a Smile - Flirt, Bournemouth

I'm not a big breakfast eater.  I'm never awake in time to catch the morning meal, so I generally don't get too excited about it.  That was about to change.

Myself and a couple of friends decided to have a long weekend in Bournemouth, visiting our dear friend who now resides there.  He was emphatic about Flirt, a cafe that sells the most delicious breakfasts he has ever had.  Considering the horrendous hangover I woke up with (and I think my other friends can say they felt the same) we were not entirely convinced that a trip to Flirt would trump laying in bed, feeling no less than dead.

When you walk in to Flirt, you might think that you accidentally swallowed some type of hallucinogenic.  No chairs match (unless you count the two rows of aeroplane chairs they have at one table).  The walls are covered in electric pink paint, and some of the most eclectic artwork I think I've ever seen.


You choose your own table, then once you've decided what you would like, go and order it.  The menu itself is bold, bright and packed full of things to eat and drink.  It fried my brain a bit, however the masses of Jager & Rose wine the night before probably didn't help!

I decided to go for a sausage and bacon panini with cheese...

All of the plates don't match either, which is amazing!  This panini was an absolute godsend, and I am so pleased I ordered it.  The crusty, toasted bread encased the smoked, crispy bacon and slices of sausage.  There was a little bit of tomato sauce in there too, which was ideal.  Served with a delicious salad and creamy coleslaw, this truly aided my hangover and restored my faith in life.  My friend Suzanne ordered the same as I did, but without cheese.  You can pretty much order anything on the menu how you like, and they will do their best to accommodate it.

Matthew (a fan of mushrooms to my disgust) ordered a sausage and mushroom sandwich...

My only comfort was that he got a creepy plate that stared at him whilst he ate.  The sausages were cooked to perfection, and the mushrooms were served on the side.  He decided to layer them on himself, and delved in.  He says that he really enjoyed it, and the plate was cleared!

Our host Jonny ordered the bacon and waffles that he had talked himself hoarse about...

The syrup comes in a separate jug, so you can decide how much, or little, you wish to drown your breakfast in it.  The smell of fresh waffles and crispy bacon was intoxicating, and I would definitely order these next time I go to Bournemouth.

The highlight of my breakfast was my chocolate milkshake.  I felt like a bit of a bore ordering it (considering they offer Terry's chocolate orange, Creme Egg, Bubblegum Millions and so many more!) however it was actually the best milkshake ever...

To be honest, I'd go back for the milkshake alone (sorry Jonny).  Super chocolatey, creamy and thick, it was just perfection in a cup.

What I loved even more was that we had paid to begin with, so you can leave at your leisure.  For the four meals, two milkshakes, a vanilla latte, two apple juices, a fizzy orange and a bottle of water (I told you we were hungover) the bill came to £35.  Pretty good value for money, at about £8 a head!

If you do decide to go to Bournemouth, for whatever reason, then go to Flirt.  I wouldn't advise you to go to Easy Tiger afterwards like we did though.  I'll let you find out for yourself, if you're nosey, what that shop is...

Contact Details:

21 The Triangle

Tel: 01202 553999

Wheelchair access: Yes

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