Restoring My Faith in Burger-kind - Gourmet Burger Kitchen, York

For my dad's Christmas, we booked him a super car driving experience in Elvington. Having done it before, and a greater range of masterpiece motors now available, it was the perfect gift. It also meant that I got a free trip to York out of it.

My dad was hellbent on getting a Subway sandwich once we arrived, however we walked past Gourmet Burger Kitchen (which I'll refer to as GBK) and instantly knew we wanted to go there.

GBK - Lendal, York

The style of ordering is similar to Nando's: peruse the menu, and once you've decided, order at the counter. The variety of burgers is overwhelming, and it was so difficult to choose.  It was the Sophie's Choice of all lunches.

The menu splits the different burgers into sections of what type of meat you have, I.e. chicken, beef, lamb or vegetarian.  Each burger is intimately described, so you know exactly what you are getting.  After much deliberation, each of us had decided which tantalising burger would be ours.

My dad went for the Traditional American cheeseburger, which as part of a lunch deal, came with a portion of chips.  The staff even ask how you wish for your burger to be cooked, and my dad opted for well done.  The cheese was gooey and melted all over the beef burger.  Fresh salad garnished the burger too, which was crisp and delicious.  My dad was really enthralled with the quality of the beef in the burger, which is a true compliment!

Traditional American Cheeseburger

Mark ordered the Camembert & Cranberry Grilled Chicken burger.  The chicken was juicy, and a full breast is in the bun.  The bun is also lightly toasted, which aided the melting of the massive slice of Camembert provided.  The cranberries were sweet and rich, perfectly complimenting the whole dish.  Dripping with relish, mayonnaise and also a fresh salad, this burger went down a treat as one of the best burgers ever had.

Camembert & Cranberry Chicken burger

My sister Sharon decided to go for the Chicken Satay burger.  The perfectly grilled chicken was marinated in a sweet satay sauce, which had just a slight kick in the after taste.  Topped with alfalfa sprouts and a lime & coriander mayonnaise, this burger was absolutely mouthwatering.

Chicken Satay burger

I really struggled with what to choose.  The minted lamb burger sounded sublime, and was very nearly my choice.  I then spotted one called 'The Taxidriver', and instantly I knew I had to have it.  A soft, toasted brioche bun, layered with American cheese, a crispy onion ring (there were actually two, to my utter delight!), Cajun relish, dill pickle, salad & smoked chilli mayonnaise.  The beef was cooked medium, and was so juicy and flavoursome.  The burger was also as big as my head, so I had to cut it in half prior to delving in.  I don't usually even try pickles, however I will never remove them from a burger again.  They are actually so tasty and really bring out the other flavours of the dish.  I would definitely get this burger again!

The Taxidriver burger

We also ordered a plate of chips to share, however the burgers are so filling that we struggled.  The chips were really delicious - crispy on the outside, fluffy clouds on the inside.  We also got a portion of garlic mayonnaise, which was blended with lime and coriander.  It was sublime and I would travel hundreds of miles for the mayonnaise alone.

Chips & Garlic Mayonnaise

What is the best thing to wash down a burger with?  A milkshake, of course.  I am a huge chocolate milkshake fan, so naturally that was my choice.  Sharon went for a refreshing banana milkshake, however Mark really picked the winner.  They had a special milkshake on, which was a blend of peanut butter and vanilla.  It was AMAZING.  I think I'll be attempting a homemade version when the sun comes out!  They are all served in the metallic milkshake cups which they are blended in, so they were ice cold, thick and creamy.  Blissful.

Chocolate Milkshake!

After we were done licking our fingers, wiping our mouths and comforting our new food babies, we decided to leave.  The great thing about restaurants like this is that the payment is already given at the start.  The total cost of our feast was just over £53, which works out at about £13 a head.  I would happily pay it all again!

What I have found out is that they have a GBK in Edinburgh.  This is obviously great for their business, just unfortunate for my waistline...

Contact Details:

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

7 Lendal

Tel: 0190 463 9587


Wheelchair access: Yes