A Quickie, but a Goodie - The Boathouse, South Queensferry

Having fallen prey to an evil virus at the end of this week, my beloved appetite has sadly taken a massive hit.  If you've suffered at the hands of the 24 hour sickness bug, you'll know what I'm up against.

Bored of being bed ridden (or bucket hugging) I wanted to go out and do something.  My dear friend Suzanne was also in the mood for an education of sorts, so we headed to Deep Sea World.

Once you've cooed at the seals, dry-heaved at the odd looking crustaceans and tickled a Bearded Dragon (his name was Finn) it was time to go off and relax for a while.  North Queensferry is predominantly residential, and from previous visits I knew that South Queensferry offered plenty of cafes, restaurants and bistros.  Once parked, we walked along the cobbled paths at the front of the water.  A quaint little restaurant stood out to us, and that was The Boathouse.

To enter the restaurant, you have to go downstairs.  We were met with an overwhelming smell of fresh fish, but don't be alarmed - the bistro nor the restaurant smelt like this.  We were met by a friendly waitress who showed us to our seats in the bistro - right by a huuuuuuge plate glass window, overlooking the two Forth Road bridges.

Yes, the bottom photograph is one I took today.  There is outdoor seating too, which is ideal for those warmer days.

Suzanne is not a fan of fish (yes, I did point out that we were going to Deep Sea World) so there were many things on the menu she wouldn't eat, but there was also a good variety of non-fish based meals that sounded delicious.  As my appetite is still guff, I didn't want to have anything too strongly fishy in case I scared it away entirely.

We both decided to get the Pappardelle pasta with garlic chicken, in a cream spinach sauce topped with Pecarino cheese...

I have to say that it was delicious.  There were thick chunks of chicken tossed in to the pasta, all of it coated in a very garlicky, creamy sauce.  The spinach was amazing, and really soaked up the sauce enveloping it.  The Pecarino cheese was mellow and really accentuated the garlic in the sauce.  The chicken was juicy, tender and easy to cut.  The portion was really a wealthy size, especially for a bistro, and sadly I couldn't finish mine.  It wasn't too rich, nor was it bland like some cream-based sauces.  Kudos to the chef!

As we had to head back to reality, we asked for the bill.  The staff were lovely, and really quick to serve us throughout our time there.  For two bottles of water, two Diet Cokes and two Pasta dishes, the bill was just under £30.  It is a bit pricey for two people, and one course, but I really thought the quality of the food was excellent.

I had a quick peek at their restaurant menu, which you can have a look at here, and it sounds mouthwatering!  Definitely somewhere to put on your to-do list!

Overall, a great lunch, with a beautiful view, within a few miles of something fun to do.  Ideal.

Contact Details:

The Boathouse
22 High Street
South Queensferry
EH30 9PP

Tel: 0131 331 5429

Website: http://www.theboathouse-sq.co.uk/

Wheelchair access: Yes

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