Dinner & A Show In One - Sapporo Teppanyaki, Liverpool

I have a large space in my heart reserved for Liverpool.  The nightlife is outstanding, the people are so friendly and the place itself is spectacular.

After a particularly rough night on the tiles, we decided that we would have a proper meal to help soften the blow, and to ensure that we could stomach more booze for that night.  My pal Stu was emphatic about Sapporo in Glasgow, so we made sure to book in for dinner at that restaurant, but in our favourite city.

You share a table at Sapporo, because the food is cooked in front of you.  Teppanyaki is a Japanese style of cooking, by placing the food on a large hot griddle.  It's really quick, fun to watch and tastes AMAZING.

We decided to get some cocktails in...

Japanese mojitos.  As if the original wasn't tasty enough, they go and amplify the immensity of it.  It's your usual blend of mojito ingredients, but mixed in with sake and Midori.  Myself and Rachel adored these; perfectly refreshing for the warm weather and also to cleanse your palate!

Although you share a table, not everyone is booked in for the same time.  They obviously keep the bookings as close as possible, but there are two griddles per table to accommodate both sides.  Whilst you are waiting, they fry potato slices for you...

The hilarious part is, once the potatoes are ready, he goes around the table and flips the potatoes at you - you need to try and catch it in your mouth!

 Once you've laughed at everyones pathetic (although sometimes successful!) attempt at catching them, your starter is ready to go.

Stuart and I ordered the barbecue spare ribs...

I'm a huge fan of ribs.  The meat was tender and fell off the bone, as it should.  The sauce was sticky and really tasty, a match made for pork ribs.  I've always found that Asian barbecue sauce is the best - it's sweeter almost, and not as numbing on the tongue.  A great starter and not too filling.

Our Rachel went for the smoked chicken rolls...

Rachel let me try a bit of these, and boy were they delicious!  Fragile filo pastry encased the Oak-smoked chicken, vegetables and bean sprouts.  It was served with a little portion of barbecue sauce to allow dipping.  I thought the chicken tasted fantastic, and it again was a brilliant start to our meal.

Now, I mentioned earlier the circus potato show.  It was good fun and really got the table laughing and talking; all of us as perfect strangers.  However, there isn't ever really a show without some pyrotechnics...

That's right.  To amuse you, and to get the adrenaline going, they literally light the whole griddle on fire, producing about a 3/4 foot flame.  It's amazing what these chefs can do, and how entertained you are whilst waiting on your meal.  Beware singed eyebrows!

What I loved was watching my meal being cooked.  I ordered the garlic lamb teppanyaki...

Cooked medium-rare, and to perfection, this was the best lamb dish I have ever had.  I'd say it even beats my lamb tagine at Chaophraya, which I thought I could marry.  Succulent, tender and coated in chunks of garlic cloves.  I was in my element.

As you wait upon your meat being cooked, they concoct egg fried rice and cook vegetables...

So, you get a wonderful looking plate like this:

Once your meat is cooked, it is added to it.  Your rice comes in a bowl so you can decide how little or how much you want.  The potatoes are given to you at the beginning (after the chucking!) so you always have something to nubble on until your meal is ready.

Unfortunately I was too busy stuffing my face to take pictures of Rachel & Stuart's meals.  They both ordered the chicken teriyaki, which was also done teppanyaki style.

I was so stuffed that I couldn't even finish my meal.  Me, not finishing food.  It's damn near impossible!  We decided to get our bill, which came to £106.  For 5 cocktails, three starters, three mains and priceless entertainment, I say that's pretty good!  It came to £40 a head, leaving some to cover the start of the tip.

Have you ever been to Sapporo, or is there a restaurant very similar that I should know about?  Get in touch!

Contact Details:

Sapporo Teppanyaki
134 Duke Street
L1 5AG

Tel: 0151 705 3005

Website: http://www.sapporo.co.uk/

Wheelchair access: Yes