The Fox Meets Burger Meats Bun - Burger Meats Bun, Glasgow

I think I've made it abundantly clear throughout the life of this blog how big a fan I am of burgers, steak and red meat in general.  Wherever there is steak or burgers, you can bet your boots you'll find me there.

After a day at the wedding show in Glasgow's SECC, what could be better to fill rumbling stomachs than a juicy burger and some delicious sides?

Burger Meats Bun can be found on West Regent Street, right in the heart of the city centre.  It occupies the basement of the building, so just be careful you don't stroll past!

Inside, I found the decor really comical and fun.  The booths are separated by wooden walls, but each wall is about elbow height.  The space in between is filled with fake grass and has little plastic cows grazing!  I thought it was really unique and instantly fell in love with the place.

We wasted no time and got down to business.  The menu is small, but very effective...

To start with, we had macaroni croquettes...

Breadcrumbed croquettes packed full of macaroni pasta and melted cheese.  I did like these, however I would have preferred them a little more creamier!  As a massive macaroni cheese fan, I suppose I'm slightly biased because I prefer a massive dish to eat that's doused in sauce.

We also ordered the seoul chicken wings...

Tender chicken that fell off the bone, coated in a Chinese flavoured sauce with a slight kick to them.  These chicken wings were amazing, and if it weren't for my fantastic burger I'd have devoured the lot.

On to the main event!  I went for a fiery "The Beef" burger...

An amazing home made patty, topped with Toma Raschera, chipotle mayonnaise and jalapenos.  The burger meat was perfect and incredibly juicy, without being greasy.  There was a dollop of beautiful melted cheese (that's the Toma Raschera) and the jalapenos added that wonderful spicy kick to each bite without overpowering it. Served in a slightly toasted brioche bun, this was a pleasure to eat.

My mother went for The Big Cheese...

I wanted to order this, and I feel that I'll have a tough time of choosing between these when I return!  Again, a juicy homemade beef burger topped with cheddar cheese and a dollop of Burger Meats Bun burger sauce.  Delicious!

My sister had the hot chic burger...

This is along the same lines as my fiery beef burger, except with a crispy chicken breast instead.  I do love a chicken burger... making the decision even tougher.  As a burger maniac, I'm already wishing that I was stuffing my face just looking at this picture.

Finally, Mark ordered the special burger...

This burger included a hunk of beef, topped with a mushroom and Burger Meats Bun sauce.  As I'm not a fan of mushrooms this didn't particularly interest me, however I can assure you mushroom fans that it went down a treat.

Whilst munching on all of this burger finery, we also had sides of Thai chilli cheese chips...

Triple cooked chips which were so incredibly soft, coated in melted cheese, jalapenos and spring onions.  There was also a spicy tomato based sauce on these, and they were INCREDIBLE.  You'll know I don't really fancy chips, but I couldn't stop picking at these.  So much cheese...I knew I wouldn't be able to resist.

I was absolutely stuffed (especially after those cheeky samples at the wedding show!) and thus forfeited dessert.  I vow to return and try them though, as I've heard the most wonderful things.  We got our bill from the friendly waitress, and it came to a total of £53.  That included a milkshake, multiple cokes and juices, four burgers and three sides.  Not bad eh?!

Please, do yourselves a favour and get into Burger Meats Bun.  Fantastic burgers, wonderful sides and friendly staff.  Who could ask for more?

Contact Details:

Burger Meats Bun
48A West Regent Street
G2 2RA

Tel: 0141 353 6712


Wheelchair access: No

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