Perfect 'Plaice' for a Chippy - The Ashvale Restaurant, Aberdeen

Have you ever been so hungover that it even hurts to think about physically moving?  I have.  This, my friends, is a short tale, of how a chip shop saved me from the depths of treacherous hangover that knew no bounds.

Picture the scene - your two best friends come to visit you in the Silver City. You stock up on snacks, champagne, wine and gossip to ensure they have a fabulous time.  You decide to visit numerous bars and clubs, drinking Jager Bombs like they are the elixir of life.  Rolling in the door at about 6am, a heavy drunken sleep bestows itself upon you.  Sounds great?  It was.  Until about 5pm.

My friends decided to leave for their journey home late afternoon, and I was suffering terribly.  I longed for a traditional fish supper from The Ashvale, which to this day is still the best chippy I've ever had.  I live on the same road as the chippy, however the thought of leaving my jammies was gut wrenching. So?  I had one delivered.

The very kind staff at The Ashvale understood my predicament, and even delivered the food free of charge to me.  The tangy smell of salt and vinegar hit my nose, and it almost cured me on the spot.

Fish wise, a standard fish supper is a massive fillet of haddock.  They do offer a jumbo haddock, and even one called "The Whale" however normal people would be happy with this.  A light, crispy and sweet batter encases the fillet of flaking fish.  The chips are absolute perfection: slightly crisped at the ends, but ultimately fluffy and saturated with vinegar inside.

A fish supper of the standard size is just over £7, which I think is excellent considering the high quality fish fillets used for each and every meal.  There are chippies all over the place that serve up flimsy fillets of cheap, 'matured' fish, shall I say, which they will charge the same price for.

What's more, you can sit in the restaurant too if you decide not to be a reprobate such as myself.  The staff are friendly, but even better is that the service is superbly quick.  My dad treated me to a sit down chippy when he visited and we were definitely not disappointed.

I believe that the fact The Ashvale has won awards (for 25 years!) speaks for itself, and it's just got the double thumbs up from Foxy.  Definitely one to get on your hit list.

Contact Details:

The Ashvale Restaurant & Takeaway
42-48 Great Western Road
AB10 6PY

Tel: 01224 596981


Wheelchair access: Yes