Roadtrip Feast - Loch Fyne Oyster Bar, Cairndow

January is infamous for being the most depressing month of the whole year.  The enticing thought (although highly cliche) of "new year, new me" wears off and you realise that, yep, you're the same person you were in 2013.

My foxy family had a bit of a low Christmas experience, so January rushed in without most of us particularly noticing.  Desperately needing to escape, my sister and I left the dreary realms of Motherwell and headed for the hills.

Loch Fyne is such a beautiful place, and we had always discussed going to the Loch Fyne Oyster Bar which sits facing out into the loch and mountains.  

We were shown to our table by a very nice waitress.  The atmosphere is really idyllic, so you immediately feel relaxed and comfortable.  I loved the place mats that they had too:

Blogger is being annoying and not uploading the picture the way I took it, so sideways will have to do.  Basically, all the place mats had different quotes on them from famous stories, each to do with the sea and seafood.  Really clever and interesting idea!

The food was truly fantastic.  To begin, I had the salmon selection...

Two different types of smoked salmon fillet, simply served with a fresh lemon, capers, red onion and a salmon mousse.  I loved that the lemon came in a gauze pouch, meaning you got all that amazing fresh citrus juice without the worry of seeds and bits all over the meat.  The salmon mousse was my favourite actually, slathered on to bits of bread that we got when we were seated.  It was a light, fresh starter and the quality of the fish was incredible.

My sister decided to go for the chowder...

Thick chunks of haddock, potato and leek served in a rich and creamy sauce.  The bowl was also huge, to the point I'd to grab a utensil and help... and even I was at a loss.  It was so beautiful tasting: not too fishy, with a nice smoky undertone.  Be cautious if you are out for a big meal though, as this in itself is really comforting and filling.

For the main event, both my sister and I went for the Gigha halibut...

Now I'm not a big fan of chorizo, but this was amazing.  Chunks of chorizo mixed in with chickpeas in a tomato and basil sauce.  The fillet of halibut crowned the mixture, with it's own parsley butter garnish.  This was a really hearty meal and warmed me right to me toes - perfect for January!  It wasn't too heavy to eat either, so I felt satisfied when I finished it.  This was my first time eating halibut and I can definitely say I'll be eating it again - should it be to this standard, of course!

Loch Fyne is definitely somewhere you would go for a special occasion, or a blow out.  As the seafood is so fresh they are pricey, but I would say worth it.  For the two of us to have two courses each and a couple of drinks we were £70.  A delicious meal, but a big hit to the bank card if you're not prepared!

Contact Details:

Loch Fyne Oyster Bar & Restaurant
PA26 8BL

Tel: 01499 600264


Wheelchair access? Yes