The Mull Chronicles: Mishnish Hotel, Tobermory

My stress levels had been at an all time high over the past few months.  Taking on several new things at once is usually great, until it all goes wrong at the same time too.  Being an emotional soul, I ranted at my sister one evening saying how I needed to escape people and basically my life.  Luckily, my pleas were heard, and my wonderful sibling booked us away to Mull for a spa break.

We both have a fascination with the islands, driving and general exploring.  Mull is perfect for all of these things if you find yourself nodding to the above!  Although we went in February and a lot of places were closed for the season, the views are breathtaking and we still managed to cram loads into two days!

After a merry jaunt over on the ferry and settling into our hotel, we decided that we would go out for some cuisine instead of eating in the hotel.  The two restaurants my sister had chosen were closed for the season, and hope was running low.  Luckily, I found that the Mishnish hotel in Tobermory was open for business.

We drove along, and discovered that the hotel is actually the yellow building on the seafront that Tobermory is famous for.  Upon entry, I was slightly disheartened by the place.  There was a pub to the right, and the restaurant in to the left.  The entrance way wasn't particularly welcoming or lavish to suggest good food.  There was one waitress working the place, who was lovely.  She showed us to our table at the window, looking out on to the seafront (not that we could actually see anything since it was pitch black!).

The menu for me had a few amazing choices, so I picked my meal fairly quickly.  One small observation is that their specials board is very small and we struggled to see what they had (picture above proves it).  Nonetheless, we managed to fathom out what was available to eat.

To start, Sharon and I both had pan seared Isle of Mull scallops...

What I love about being on an island is that all the food is fresh and in season.  These scallops were plump and meaty, coated in a delicious paprika and garlic cream sauce.  Nestled on a bed of crispy dressed salad leaves, this was a fantastic starter and really changed my perception of the restaurant.  The food was beautiful and presented very well too.

For the main course, my sister had langoustines in a garlic and herb butter...

Both my sister and I get freaked out by fish that still has its eyes.  Considering the utensils she was given in anticipation of this dish, we were both relieved when the langoustines came already opened with the meat bared and ready to delve into.  Sharon also got a cute little basket of fries to accompany this, as technically it was meant to be a starter from the special menu.  The langoustines were fresh and tasted delicious, although Sharon didn't taste as much garlic as she would have liked.

For my main course, I decided to have venison medallions with chive mash and a redcurrant reduction...

I absolutely loved this.  The venison medallions were cooked to order, so rare for me, and had not a lick of fat on them.  The redcurrant sauce was perfectly sweet to go with the rich meaty flavour of the venison.  The chive mash was slightly bland, but the meat was so good that I was actually not bothered.  The broccoli and carrots were served al dente and were nice and fresh.  I would definitely get this again; it was absolutely phenomenal.

Nothing goes with red meat quite like a glass of red too...

After two wonderful courses, we were full but intrigued by a dessert.  I decided to go for chocolate and drambuie mousse...

This was delicious.  The chocolate mousse sat atop the mixture of chocolate sauce and drambuie.  It was served in a teacup which I did find odd but I think any bigger a portion would have been too sickly.  I did really enjoy this dessert, but would have hoped that the drambuie was mixed into the mousse rather than it being separated.  Still amazing though!

Sharon opted for caramel apple pie...

This was a homely, sweet pie and was garnished with a summer fruits jus.  The caramel layer enveloped cooked apples and was on a bed of sweetened pastry.  Sharon absolutely loved this and I have to admit that it smelled beautiful.  A great twist on a classic!

Once we were both stuffed and officially satisfied, we decided to get the bill.  For the calibre of meal, we were expecting a fair whack of money: we paid just under £62, which is a staggering £31 a head!  For a three course meal and wine, that is amazing value for money.

Have you visited any of the isles and think there is somewhere to top this?

Contact Details:

The Mishnish
Main Street
Isle Of Mull
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Wheelchair access: Yes